The business known as Deluxe Tax Service was started in January 1995.  I did not
know it was going to be a large scale business, so I rented  a small corner room of
the local bowling alley in Galesburg, Illinois.  It was a one person office for the first
two years.  In 1998 I hired a second person as a receptionist.  By the year 1999 I
realized I had outgrown the little corner office, so I started to look for a bigger
place and I moved to the present location and hired two more associates for the
2000 tax year.  

Each year we grow a little bit more, and at present we employ one full time
preparer, three part time preparers and one receptionist through the tax season.  
During the off season we employ one part time preparer.  We try to hire dislocated
workers, who have lost their jobs to the foreign markets and who have taken the
income tax classes that are taught at our location.  If we need more employees
this is the pool we draw from.

Every September we offer an Income Tax Class.  It is a 60-hour course.  The class
is offered on line for you to work at your own pace or it is two days a week for 10
weeks. It is a very thorough comprehensive course and would help you in
preparing for the compliance testing the IRS is requiring all preparers to take
starting January 1, 2011. Watch for our ads in the local Register Mail Newspaper.

Please feel free to contact us at anytime you have a question regarding your
personal or business taxes.
~Mission Statement~
~"To provide all taxpayers with the
understanding of the new tax laws in
affect, and provide friendly, quality
service to our community."~
Contact us:

Deluxe Tax Service
Phone: (309) 344-3873
929 N. Henderson Street
Fax: (309) 344-7469
Galesburg, IL 61401
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Deluxe Tax Service
Deluxe Tax Service
929 N Henderson St
Galesburg, Ill 61401
929 N. Henderson St.         Galesburg, IL 61401                 Phone: (309) 344-3873        Fax: (309) 344-7469