~Deluxe Tax Service~
929 N. Henderson Street   Galesburg, IL 61401-2571

  • Our Tax Prep Services:
1040 • 1040EZ • 1040A •  1041 • 1065 • 1120 • 1120S •  990 • All Forms and Schedules

  • We provide Free E-Filing when we prepare your taxes at our office:
We can Direct Deposit your money in up to three different accounts or have a check
mailed directly to your home.

  • Refund Transfer Checks:
Refund to you in usually 8 -10 days if you qualify.

  • Food Pantry Donation:
We will give you a 5% discount on your tax preparation fee if you bring in 5 non-
perishable items for the food pantry.

  • In-Home Tax Services:
For your convenience, Deluxe Tax Service offers an in-home tax service in which
we will prepare your taxes right in your home. Appointments are required for this

  • Free Military Tax Returns:
We are proud to provide free military tax returns for all active deployed military

  • Senior Citizens (65 and older) always receive discounts with our tax business:

  • We mail a letter to all returning clients:
This letter outlines some of the important changes that effect our clients. It also has
information on how to get a 5% discount on your current year tax preparation.

  • Free Calendars are available for our clients while supply lasts:

  • Check out the message on our free pens:

  • Notary Public

  • Our Refer-a-Friend Program:
If you have a friend come in and they have their taxes prepared by us, we will ask
them to fill out a referral slip. You will receive a $5 refund check. Both you and  your
friend must have the taxes completed and paid. The refund checks will be mailed
out before May first of the current year.

             Call us for quality tax service, bookkeeping, and accounting.

  Office: (309) 344-3873          Fax: (309) 344-7469          Cell: (309) 337-6457

Deluxe Tax Service
Phone: (309) 344-3873
929 N. Henderson Street
Fax: (309) 344-7469
Galesburg, IL 61401
Email: denise_7211952@yahoo.com
Deluxe Tax Service
~"To provide all taxpayers with
the understanding of the new
tax laws in affect, and provide
friendly, quality service to our
~Mission Statement~
929 N. Henderson St.         Galesburg, IL 61401                 Phone: (309) 344-3873        Fax: (309) 344-7469